17+ motivational and encouragement quotes to inspire you to succeed in life

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Hey Friends..!!!

Are you feeling low? Not focused? and not able to think about your main job to do right now? Simply you are not living fully your present moment right? Then you are at right place…..You need motivation…!!! With the help of motivation and encouragement you can avoid the hurdles, negative emotions. That’s why sometimes we need motivational and encouragement quotes to bounce back in your life and to stay focused.

What is motivation?

According to science and psychological facts, motivation is the way to push you ahead in the right direction to achieve your desired goals. It is a stimulus force to take an action. Motivation is one of the most successful tool to keep your mind focused in a particular thing specially it is future oriented for career or anything else which you want to achieve in your life.

What is encouragement?

When we see the key difference between motivation and encouragement, we found both are almost similar. Both words related to take some action or to think in a positive way for any matter and also it inspires you. Only the minor difference is, in motivation we should have any motive of our life. Whereas encouragement comes from inner or outer force to inspire with courage either your friends or your family to help and support you.

Why we need motivation or encouragement?

If you are feeling not focused, depressed or tensed about your future. These all things are happening because you are disturbed with something, it is either your career or relationship or something else. But everything happening to you is affecting your thinking and you feel scramble to take yourself in the right track. Everything is going against your favour right? No need to worry. With the help of motivation and encouragement you can avoid the hurdles, negative emotions.

How to motivate yourself?

Motivation helps your mind to take a right decision at a particular situation and prepare you for self guidance.

It helps you to boost your mind for a quick jump out from or evacuate from the dark well of distraction.

As you need protein powder after gym workout to build your muscles stronger over a time period. Same thing motivational quotes does, it stimulate your brain to keep practicing for stay motivated and to reach your desired goal.

Also you should not addicted to motivational quotes, some people feels good and stay motivated when they see any motivational quotes, but this happen only when they read the quotes, after that again they distracted and get busy in other unnecessary things. Try to understand that over protein intake or taking protein without any reason can also damage your body. Some people think that they can’t stay motivated without a motivational quotes, speeches or motivational videos. This is completely a myth.

So here below I’ve some tips and motivational and encouragement quotes to motivate you. Not for a temporary good feeling but for long term motivation. So lets start.


  1. Go to Gym. Go for Bike Ride. Climb Mountains. Do yoga. Improve Skills. Do anything…But change yourself.

    Gym motivation quotes for youngers

  2. You can inspire yourself from anything. Only you need to believe in it…!

    yoga motivational quotes yoga girl sitting

  3. Forget everything about past. This is the new beginning.

    inspiring motivational quotes about forget past

  4. Only one thing to know about your successful graph. Ask daily yourself. Did I do some “Productive work” today

    daily motivation quotes about success

  5. Making Daily Diary of Everyday Routine helps you to be focused on your job.

    focus encouragement quote

  6. What can stop to achieve your goals is only you. Never Stop..!

    never stop motivational status

  7. You can not bounce your life like a Coin to choose Head or Tail. Keep it in your

    pocket. (Control)

    control yourself status

  8. Take Action..!

    Your inner strength to do anything, didn’t comes from your inner voice


    It is the combination of

    Gut filing to do..

    Constant affirmation..

    Constant small steps..

    take action to become successful quotes

  9. Fear of having lonely life? Life is beautiful.

    It will never leave you Alone. So move on…!!

    loneliness encouragement status

  10. I am Slow but One Day I’ll Fly motivational quote.

    one day i'll fly status

  11. Sometimes forgetting password of yours Past Life, is actually good for your Present. So set a new password.

    set new password about life quote motivation

  12. When your daily practices start coming in your dream.

    Know it means that you are on right track.

    daily practice motivation

  13. If you want to be a  successful person, spend less time in hard work and more in living and talking with successful people.

    hard work success quotes

  14. You can’t beat time, but, investing time to improve yourself will definitely beat your time of failure which you were repeating in the past.

    invest time to improve yourself quotes

  15. Make distance From toxic people to keep your mind working in a right direction.

    make distance from toxic people encouragement status

  16. Giving yourself a Shining Star Surrounding makes you the next shining star..!

    positive surrounding inspiring status

  17. Expectations comes from our “Inner Selfishness”

    expectation comes from inner selfishness quotes

  18. If virtual money betting is the greed to play any online game, then motivation is the virtual money of life.

    motivation is the virtual money of life qoutes

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